My top ten zombie movies list- Happy Halloween!


I love this time of year, the time leading up to Halloween where suddenly my constant, year round need for horror films and monster related content seems less unusual, and when at any time of day there is, without question, a monster movie on somewhere. It’s super, super awesome, and as such, I’ve chosen to try and participate as much as I can by sharing movie recommendations with you throughout the month. My first list of recommends is going to be my top ten favorite zombie films ever, since people just can’t friggin’ get enough zombies these days. If you’re going to watch them, you may as well watch the best!

1. Zombie ~1979, Directed by Lugio Fulci (Also called Zombi 2, among other titles)

2. Night of the Living Dead ~ 1968, Directed by George Romero

3. The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue ~ 1974, directed by Jorge Grau (Also has a million different titles, including Let Sleeping Corpses Lie)

4. Dawn of the Dead ~ 1978, Directed by George Romero

5. Return of the Living Dead ~ 1985, Directed by Dan O’Bannon

6. Cemetery Man ~ 1994, Directed by Michelle Soavi

7. Shaun of the Dead ~ 2004, Directed by Edgar Wright

8. Grapes of Death ~ 1978, Directed by Jean Rollin

9. Dead Alive ~ 1992, Directed by Peter Jackson

10. Re-Animator ~ 1985, Directed by Stuart Gordon

Also deserving of strong recommendations: Burial Ground, Hell of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, The Dead, Zombie Holocaust, Plague of the Zombies and many others. But those above are my absolute favorites.

I hope you enjoy them.


I can’t believe I forgot Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things!!!! That should absolutely be on that list…