6 thoughts on “Fantastic Crap Comics, Issue 4, Page 30!!!

  1. What is happening to Joe here is meant as a reference to the super gnarly Category III films made in Hong Kong in the 80’s. For a while there was a trend in these pictures; “insect vomiting.” I kid you not, movies where actors would vomit up live insects, most often as the result of some horrible curse. Hong Kong produced a lot of sweet black magic related horror films in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and we see some references to those films throughout this issue. ‘The Devil’ (1981) Is one of the earlier, if not the first, of the films which featured Insect vomiting, if anyone is curious.

    My comics are always completely jammed full of references like this, for some reason I chose to call this one out and give a little background.

  2. This is amazing. The puke; love how gross that is, and how well you’ve captured that (I’m still smiling at it. The drawing, I never smile at real puke.) – but nothing beats that little chap in the orange top. He’s “cool” personified.

    • You like Qwan?! He’s never contributed positively to anything ever in his entire life, but I thought it would be funny for him to kinda rise to the occasion this time, because he idolizes El Mofo Diablo so much. Him idolizing EMD is, of course, just meant to irk Joe even more, so in a way even this is sort of annoying in its own way.

      Also, thanks, I had to do a lot of research to get the colors right. (not true.)

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