Available now, The Seesaw of Fate- Happy Cup number 1!

Also now available in our comics section is the first Seesaw of Fate comic. In this installment, Roger begins new employee orientation at his place of work, Happy Cup Coffee. Predictably, it’s a grueling and nightmarish experience.

The Seesaw of Fate is a separate ongoing series of short comics to be published on Fantasticcrapcomics.com. Due to it’s one page format production on each episode moves much faster, making it possible to publish it more frequently than larger issues. More short series like this might be introduced to the website down the line, so keep your eye open, or you can like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter for updates.

Now online- Fantastic Crap! Comics issue number 1!

The first exciting issue of Fantastic Crap Comics is up now in our Comics section, go take a look!

Issue number one officially kicks off the ongoing adventures of Architeuthis Joe, private investigator, monster hunter, and all around American hero! Quiver in suspense as Joe grapples with menacing ghouls, blood crazed serial killers, treacherous politicians and other unsavory degenerates in page after page of nonstop thrills and chills.

In this issue: Joe and his loyal Sherpa Qwan are stalked across a Grecian island by a blood crazed, hulking cannibal. Hilarious mishaps and heartwarming chuckles ensue.

Fantastic Crap! Comics now up and running!

Welcome to the digital home of Fantastic Crap Comics. We’ll see more and more content of begin to filter in sporadically, so be sure to come back frequently and explore as things pop up. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line, my E-mail address is around here some where. Full length issues spend a decent amount of time in production before they see release, so in between proper issues you can expect lots of one page short comics and such. Also, for those of you who demand a more invasive experience of their pop media, Fantastic Crap Comics can be found on twitter and Facebook as well!