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Halloween is a week closer, so I’ve got another list of awesome horror movies to recommend. This time, I got vampires.

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The cover of the ‘Let The Right One In’ DVD/Blu Ray has a quote on it, it reads “BEST. VAMPIRE. MOVIE. EVER.” And who does this quote come from? Just some dude pretty much. Some critic from some newspaper, and while ‘Let The Right One In” is very good, it is definitely not the best vampire movie ever. There have been many, many vampire movies made in the last one hundred years, and while most of our cinematic achievements have been retroactively rendered irrelevant in the aftermath of how profoundly detrimental the ‘Twilight’ franchise has been to human culture, there remain countless classic vampire films that can be enjoyed if you have Netflix, or if you somehow still have access to a video store that isn’t a friggin’ vending machine. Here are some of my favorites;

1.     Nosferatu ~ 1922, FW Murnau (Probably the real best vampire movie ever)

2.     Horror Of Dracula (AKA Dracula) ~ 1958, Terrence Fisher (Pretty much any of the Hammer Vampire flicks.)

3.     Mr. Vampire ~ 1985, Ricky Lau (Awesome hopping vampire kung fu/horror comedy flick from Hong Kong.)

4.     Blood For Dracula (AKA Andy Warhol’s Dracula) ~ 1974, Paul Morrissey

5.     Darkness ~ 1993, Leif Jonker (SUPER low budget, show on video, poor production values, not for everyone… However, it’s super gory, and also, really, really metal.)

6.     The Fearless Vampire Killers ~ 1967, Roman Polanksi

7.     Ganja and Hess ~ 1973, Bill Gunn

8.     The Nude Vampire ~ 1970, Jean Rollin (Really anything by Jean Rollin. He made tons of awesome vampire movies. They’re not for everybody, though.)

9.     Martin ~ 1977, George Romero

10.Lemora, a Child’s Tale of the Supernatural ~ 1973, Richard Blackburn

11.Layer of the White Worm ~ 1988, Ken Russel (Super cool. It’s got a young Hugh Grant. It’s rad.)

12.Innocent Blood ~ 1992, John Landis

13.The Night Flier ~ 1997, Mark Pavia

14.From Dusk Till Dawn ~ 1996, Robert Rodriguez

15.Nosferatu The Vampyre ~ 1979, Werner Herzog

So, yes. That’s just a small list of some of the classics that are out there. Seek ‘em out!

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