…AND there is more hillarious spam.

I just think these are all really funny.

This one comes from 32148 597 CHELSEA MUSTARD.

“Some people Used to Laugh at the japan – Nowadays I actually laugh at all of them”

Clearly, in Chelsea’s eyes the tables have turned, and The Japan now deserves respect. This next one is from グッチ長財布.

“This Is The Tactic That Is Actually Aiding bag-professionals To Rise”

I am very interested in the tactics employed by bag-professionals, especially when these tactics are aiding them to the rise.
This next one is from short prom dress uk, who writes:

“Great amazing things the following. I feel very glad to fellow your write-up. Thank a lot and also i’m looking ahead to contact an individual. Will an individual please drop me any e-mail?”

That one was a weird one… But luckily, the last one I have here is familiar territory again, this next one is from キプリング リュックサック;

“Tired of all men stories? I am on this site for your needs”

And there you have it. We definitely seem to be getting spammed by Asia more so than anyone else, for some reason.

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